www.webroot.com safe renew

www.webroot.com safe renew

webroot safe

How do I renew my Webroot?

If you have Webroot security installed: Open the Webroot SecureAnywhere program on your computer, then click My Account. Your keycode is displayed on that screen. Additionally, if a renewal message appears in your Webroot SecureAnywhere program window, you can click the message to begin the renewal process.

What is the meaning of auto renewal?

Autorenew is when your amaysim mobile plan automatically renews at the end of your plan’s expiry period. It’s the hassle-free way to ensure your amaysim service is uninterrupted and means won’t need to lift a finger to recharge your plan each month.

webroot safe

Frequently asked questions:

1) How to install Webroot Internet Security software? 
Answer: For installing Webroot antivirus, open www.Webroot.com in your browser. For step by step instructions call our Webroot tech support team now.

2) How can I uninstall Webroot Internet Security software
Answer: You can remove Webroot antivirus by clicking uninstall or remove Webroot from control panel. You can even use Webroot removal tool.


3) I need help to update Webroot Internet Security
Answer: You can update Webroot antivirus software by right clicking Webroot icon on task bar.

4) How to renew Webroot antivirus software
Answer: To renew Webroot antivirus, click renew option in Webroot account, or you can contact our technical support team for assistance.

webroot safe

5) How do I get Webroot technical support
Answer: Call us at toll free number — 1-(833–274–7842)or chat online to get 24*7 expert tech support for Webroot errors and problems.



6) What is difference between Webroot AntiVirus and Webroot Internet Security?
Answer: There’s not much difference between the two. Webroot Antivirus protects your device from viruses, while Webroot Internet Security gives enhanced protection from other malicious programs while providing advance features like anti-phishing, anti spyware, anti spam, strong firewall, and more.

What is Uninterrupted Protection?

Uninterrupted protection means that we will automatically attempt to renew your security subscription before it expires. We will notify you about your subscription status and all account activity related to renewing your subscription – you are always informed and in control. We strongly recommend that you use this service to get the full benefit of our security protection.

Benefits of Uninterrupted Protection?

  • Stay protected against new threats
  • Keep your security up-to-date
  • Save time – we’ll take care of all the details!
  • Opt-out at any time

How does it work?

When you purchase your software you are automatically enrolled in our uninterrupted protection program.

  • 30 days and again at 14 days before your subscription expires – we will notify you by email of your upcoming renewal (provided you have updated us with your most current email address)
  • We charge your credit card 7 days in advance of expiration – so we guarantee you will have no gaps in your protection (we credit you for additional days remaining on your current subscription – so you don’t lose any total coverage time by renewing automatically).
  • You can always opt-out of this service.

Option out of Uninterrupted Protection?

Although it is the most convenient option, we understand that some customers may not want to take advantage of this service. Please enter your keycode below to remove automatic renewal from your subscription preferences.

Enter Your Keycode
How do I find this?
  Yes, I would like to remove auto renewal from my Webroot subscription.


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www.webroot.com safe renew

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